About Us

SIMPLY AUTOMATED is a Custom Integration firm with locations in Pittsburgh, PA and Boardman, OH.

Through our partnership with Control4, our Design Center in Pittsburgh was recently designated a Control4 Certified Showroom!  We are the first and only Control4 dealer with an approved and certified showroom in the region. 

Our sole focus is to bring people and technology together. We strive to provide a very personal service at all times, from design, all the way through sales/installation, and support. Whether the project is new construction or retrofit, we integrate seamlessly with all involved to deliver custom, lifestyle inspired solutions across the spectrum of automation, audio/video, cinema rooms, lighting, climate, and security.

Our hand-picked team are experts in the industry, capable of thinking outside of the box in order to provide the perfect solution to every project, every time. We are trusted throughout the industry, working with home owners, builders, engineers, interior and lighting designers.

Unlike most integrators in our industry, we are not a one or two man operation.  We typically operate with multiple two man technical teams as well as dedicated project management, engineering and administrative staff.  We do this so we can execute multiple projects simultaneously while allowing us to take care of immediate service needs should they arise.  We are a "service first" company!

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project, we look forward to working with you!


TomPresident / Lead Designer

Tom has held leadership and principal positions with four companies over his twenty one year career in the consumer electronics / integration industry.  In 2012 he parted ways with an industry competitor to start Simply Automated.  In five short years he transitioned the company from a home office with a van and a helper to an industry player with an expert staff and state of the art showroom in Pittsburgh.  Not one for complacency, Tom is always planning the next move, always trying to get better and striving to stay ahead of the technology curve. His commitment to his clients, employees and partners is evident in the quality of work, support and project scale Simply Automated demonstrates every day!


- Control4 System Design.

- Control4 Tech 1.

- Control4 Tech 2.

- Control4 Panelized Lighting Design

Scott General Manager / Lead Engineer

Scott and his family relocated from Florida to Pittsburgh to take a position with Simply Automated as a Programmer in 2015.  Through his hard work and dedication he quickly rose through the ranks to Lead Engineer and most recently General Manager.  Scott honed his skills working for some of the largest integration firms in Florida.  He also has extensive industry knowledge of Marine Integration having served as Electrical Technical Officer on a number of high end vessels.  To say he has been involved in the industry world wide, would be an understatement...  


- Pakedge Certified Network Administrator

Control4 Tech 1    

Control4 Tech 2.  

Control4 Panelized Lighting Design

SarahOffice Manager

Sarah joined Simply Automated in June of 2016 as our Administrative Assistant.   Most recently, she has advanced to the position of Office Manager.

Sarah has been instrumental in streamlining many of our process’s and constantly works on ways to make Simply Automated more efficient.  When one calls or stops by our office, odds are, she will be there first to help you. If a client has a service issue or would like to schedule time to come in for a meeting, she is typically the first one to assist!   She handles base line accounting, order placement/receiving and cataloging of equipment for upcoming projects as well as many other tasks.  Most importantly, she's a great person, willing to help our clients as well as any member of SA, regardless of task!  Lastly, she keeps all us guys in check!  We're lucky to have her!

DougSystem Design / Sales

Doug became a member of the SA team in 2018.  His core mission is to serve our clients in  design and sales.  A true industry veteran, his resume includes 15+ years working with another Custom Integration Company in the region where he tackled installation and programming. As the the organization grew, Doug transitioned into full-time sales and design.  

Doug left the integration business for 5 years to work as a manufacturer’s representative in the lighting industry and then in the audio/video industry.  Due to his passion for what we do, when the opportunity presented itself, he was excited to return to the custom integration world with Simply Automated!   We’re very excited to have him!


Susan has been with Simply Automated since 2014.  She wears a few hats but her core responsibility is handeling Simply Automated's accounting.  She manages to fullfill one of the most dreaded and important roles of any small business and she does it with a ease! Aside from keeping us in compliance, paying bills and covering payrol duties, she is our resident therapist.  Every company needs a Susan, you just can't have ours! 

Got Tech Skills?This could be you!

Have skills, contact us

We are always looking for individuals with skills!  Send us your resume for consideration.  Who we look for-

JR. TECHNICIANS - Little to no experience is ok.  However, we prefer even a limited background in electrical or construction.  Recent or soon to be graduates from Institutions such as Pittsburgh Technical College are encouraged to contact us.  If you are looking for an internship opportunity, we typically accommodate 2-3 interns per year.

TECHNICIANS - Got Skills?  We would love to talk to you.  Skilled backgrounds of interest are - Intrusion/Life Safety, Prewire/Trim, Dedicated Room and Two Piece experience, RETRO & PREWIRE skills.

PROGRAMMERS - We are ALWAYS looking for Certified Programmers.  Control4 - Crestron - Savant - URC - RTI.  Lets talk!

We are always looking for the best.  If you're new to the region or just looking to make a move, submit your resume today through our Contact us!

Got Sales/Design Skills?This could be you!

If you're a seasoned A/V - Automation Designer with a desire to work for the best shop in the region, please get in touch.

We are actively seeking someone who has "IT". If you're in the industry, and have worked in the "high end" then you understand what "IT" is.  If you're goal is to grow personally and professionally and you're a "die hard", get it done the right way producer, don't wait, send us your resume today!



Process - Consultation


Before we begin, it's important for us to meet with you, discuss your needs and lifestyle as well as overall budget. Typically, we try to have our first get together at our Design Center in Dormont.  Having a fully automated space to demonstrate system capabilities allows us to simplify the process, while giving you a clear understanding of what's available to you.  Should you have architectural drawings of your home or space, we kindly ask that you bring them with you or email them to us in advance of our meeting. The drawings will aid us in preliminary plans and preparation for the next steps of design and pre-wiring.

We know how serious of an investment our services are. Your project deserves this first step to ensure a smooth process and an end result that will truly enhance your lifestyle.


Proposal Delivery & Acceptance

Once we gather all of the necessary data, we will work to create a detailed proposal for your consideration.  We believe in complete transparency.  Therefore, we use proposal software which gives us the ability to give you a completely itemized proposal.  You will see the cost for every part, in every room, on every floor of your project.  We believe this aids in building trust!  We want you to have a complete understanding of what your purchasing.  There is no fine print.  Additionally, if revisions are needed, we are able to make the changes much faster.  We've found that our clients appreciate this approach.

We make accepting the proposal easy as our system is web based.  When ready, you can agree to terms and payment schedule and sign the agreement on a tablet or computer from the comfort of your home or in our office.  Whichever is more convenient!

Process - Design

Design & Documentation

Effective system integration requires careful planning, layout, and design. Prior to the installation of any equipment in your home, your project goes through an extensive engineering stage.

This is done for three major reasons.  

1. We need to ensure that your system will work properly prior to deployment.  We not only design and document but we update and test all equipment in our lab prior to deployment.  This eliminates a lot of unforeseen issues in the field.  We prefer to solve problems on our time, not yours.

2. This process aids us in developing a behind the scenes system layout for our technicians.  It ensures our team is on the same page and that the project is complete within the specified amount of time.  We strongly believe in efficiency.

3.  Lastly, we compile all of the data and put it together for our client in both digital and paper format.  We want you to know what you have!  We include all information regarding your network, all equipment connection schematics as well as other pertinent information.   

So, why not take the step to have your project professionally designed, ensuring you not only have a great system but you have "your" system.

Process - Installation



This is the phase where the project truly starts to take shape.  

Our team shows up and starts to pull wire, lots of wire. If it's new construction, then we're working along with other contractors like the electricians, HVAC, plumbers, etc.  Or if its an existing home, were pulling the same wire but through existing finished walls.  We are experts at this and rarely have to cut a hole but if we do, we take care of all drywall patches and painting.  Good as new when were done!

Soon you'll see your rack and equipment being installed in the predetermined centralized location.  Your TV's will get mounted, Theater Room dialed in and system calibrated.

Lastly, we will program your new system based on previous conversations ensuring that we cater to your lifestyle and needs!

Process - Education


At this point the project is almost complete.  The final step is to educate you and the members of your family on using the system.  We design our systems for every day use, we want to make sure that everyone has a great understanding of capabilities!.  That being said, we also design our systems to be easy to use!  Regardless of tech competency, before we leave, you will be comfortable with the operation.

Process - Service

Client Support & Maintenance

It is important for us to build long term client relationships and provide exceptional support for all of our products and services. With each new project we enter into a relationship that typically lasts many years.  Upon completion we will advise you of all waranty terms for the manufactures equipment you have purchased.  We will also describe in detail our installation warranty and terms.

Above and beyond the standard waranty, we off our proactive maintenance programs. These programs provide ongoing and preventative maintenance, system upgrades, power, network and equipment monitoring.  Additionally, we include a predetermined amount of service hours for standard and emergency service. Much like a computer, vehical or home, regular maintenance is ideal to maximize longevity and functionality.  

It is our goal to ensure you have a system that functions reliably for years to come. Depending on the size and scope of your project, we will make recommendations as to which type of maintenance you should consider.