Whether on land or at sea,
we can automate your life.

Simply Automated has the custom A/V skills working with boat manufacturers, ship yards, captains, and boat owners. We can provide a wide range of options that are customized for your aquatic vessel! Make your pleasure craft even more pleasurable by adding the same automated comforts you and your clients experience at home!

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Automation Systems

Our system design solution lets you enjoy the same communications, convenience, and lifestyle at sea as you do in your home or office.

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Help monitor one of your largest investments and your family/friends while at sea or at port with a cutting-edge security system that can be accessed remotely even while away at a port of call.

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Lighting Control

We provide beautifully designed, superior products that help give your yacht a sense of comfort, beauty and luxury.

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Audio/ Video Solutions

Take the enjoyment of your yacht to the next level.  Our technology lets you deliver rich sound and vivid images throughout your yacht with unparalleled quality and convenience.

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We offer on-board connections which are capable of providing true broadband services to support teleconferencing, data downloading, emails, web surfing, social networking and media streaming for all on-board users.

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With Simply Automated your yacht will finally have access to the next generation of satellite communication.  Your yacht can travel anywhere in the world without being limited by broadband connectivity.

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