Sewickley, PA - 2014~2016 New Const. Project

Project Overview

This Sewickley project is our most recent completion.  The house is a new construction build which took nearly two years to complete.  Its fair to say that nearly every aspect of Home Automation was incorporated into this home.  Projects like this one, demand significant engineering and system design as well as coordination with the clients, builder, interior designer, lighting designer and numerous trades.  One of the key stand out features in this project is a very elaborate lighting system.  Given the size of the home and the lighting requirements from the lighting designer, the client opted for a Panelized Lighting System from Control4.  This included seven lighting panels, located in three separate areas of the home and numerous configurable keypads throughout!  By doing this we were able to eliminate the need for multiple banks of switches in each room.  Once programmed by our team, the keypads were able to trigger a number of different lighting scenes in each room as well as throughout the house.  Additionally we were able to program button pushes for media, such as selecting a specific music playlist in the kitchen or giving the client the ability to turn on the kids TV and having the system instantly select a predetermined channel.  With over 100 hours of programming devoted to this system, we were able to provide the client with a "true" automated home that has surpassed thrit expectations!

Aside from the automated lighting capabilities, we are also controlling a state of the art HVAC system.  Again in an effort to reduce wall acne, we placed remote temperature sensors throughout the house which gave us the ability to place all ten Control4 Thermostats in the mechanical room near our AV racks.  The clients are able to adjust temperature via any TV display, remote control, touch panel or smart phone.

Video is distributed throughout the house with the help of Just Add Power, HD over IP video distribution.  Every video source for the house is racked downstairs in the AV rack!  The client has access to multiple cable boxes, Appletv's & BluRay players at every TV location!

One of the many highlights to this system is the 55" Mirror TV and lighted vanity mirrors from Electric Mirror.

Audio is distributed using Control4 Audio Matrix & Amplifiers and cover the 21 current zones of audio.  More to come in the spring when we tackle the landscape!

Every aspect of technology has been integrated all on one platform, using Control4.

From video intercom to automated doors/garage doors, water leak detection, security and much more, we believe this is a fine example of a truly connected home.  Check back for updates!  More pics to come!


Project Details

  • Complete prewire with provisions made for future technology.
  • Pre-plumb & finish of a Modern Day Central Vacuum System using Hide a Hose technology (hose sucks back into the wall)
  • Whole house Climate Control via Control4 Automation
  • Panelized Lighting system controlling over 250 lighting loads
  • HD Video Distribution via Just Add Power HD over IP 
  • Audio Distribution Via Control4 and Paradigm speakers throughout.
  • Media Room with two piece projection featuring a Screen Innovations screen and Wolf Cinema projection.  Audio is mastered by Anthem Audio & Paradigm.
  • 55" Mirror TV & three lighted vanity mirrors from Electric Mirror
  • Outdoor weatherproof flat panel from Seura.
  • Video intercom via Control4 touch panels as well as a integrated video doorbell system
  • Security & monitoring provided by Simply Automated using Honeywell products 
  • IP Camera System from Lilin integrated with Control4
  • All equipment resides in three Middle Atlantic VRK series racks which are ganged together in the basement.  Wiring is managed into the rack using Middle Atlantic Cable Ladders!
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world on one app utilizing 4sight!
  • And much more...